Stress & Weight Loss

Stress & Weight Loss

Stress is a huge factor in gaining weight, and can cause numerous problems with weight loss. When I have been stressed in the past, I found it easy to reach for chocolate biscuits, or drink alcohol. Its more easier to reach for ‘comfort food’ then being sensible.

Consider trying these stress controlling techniques :

  • Eat a healthy diet that contains protein, vegetables, good healthy fats (avocado, feta cheese, Dark Chocolate) and avoid sugary or high GI sources of carbs (white bread, short grain rice, potatoes).
  • Exercise regularly and is you do it after a stressful day it will burn off all the nervous energy, trust me you will feel better after a 30min (min) HIIT, boxing or spin
  • Try to get eight hours sleep (minimum 7 hrs) and avoid being dehydrated. Apps like headspace and sleep pillow will help you relax.
  • Be selfish and give yourself a break to have some time out, this relates to work and home. I find the gym to be my release and I use my headphones as that escape from the stresses of life. If you have an hobby then plan it in your diary.
  • Meditation for around 15 minutes per day is good to clear the mind, there is plenty of content on YouTube to support mediation. I have started listening to FEARLESS MOTIVATION regularly whilst exercising and relaxing. I have found this to be very useful in growing my mindset through tough situations.
  • TAKE A DUMP – writing things that are bothering you on paper is an good exercise to do, this is called an brain dump. I have done this with clients previously and it has help them and changed their mindset.

Read mindset Books such as THE RULES OF LIFE by Richard Templar

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K or Everything is F**ked by Mark Manson

F**K It Therapy by John Parkin plus there are more similar books available, however reading the book is easy, you must be prepared to act.