Client Journeys

My Journey: Matt Pennock

Matt is a heart attack survivor and came to D Fitness after being an regular at my Indoor Cycle class (we both have a huge passion for music). The work I have done with Matt, has contributed to his medication being reduced for his heart condition. I have also helped Matt get into running. He participated in his first ever mud run in March 2019, and will be doing ‘Born Survivor’ with my team in May 19.

My Journey: Chris Roberts

Prior to June 2018, Chris was struggling to get motivated to lose weight. Chris set up his own Instagram page ‘@the12monthgoal‘ and came to me for 121 sessions plus support on his nutrition. Chris has a regular PT session, partakes in Indoor Cycling and my Boxing Fitness classes all in one day. Chris has influenced his Dad to get into better shape (now a client of mine) and his wife Katie who just completed her first Half Marathon and joined Chris on the January Hatton Academy Fight Camp.