N.E.A.T. and Why ‘fidgeting’ is good for you.

N.E.A.T. and Why ‘fidgeting’ is good for you.

Introducing NEAT – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, also known as SPA (Spontaneous Physical Activity).

These activities include daily domestic jobs such as tidying the home, putting dishes away, walking up the stairs and hoovering, also you can burn calories by simply resting.

Studies have shown that an active person can burn up to 50% of energy whereas a less active person burns up to 15%.

To give you an idea, the average person will burn 77 calories (cal) per hour whilst resting, but if you fidget it rises to 118 cal p/h.

Standing still is 88 cal p/h & if you fidget whilst standing it is 148 cal p/h.

If you walk at 1 mph (miles per hour, very slow pace) you would burn 197 cal p/h.

Walking at 2 mph (standard walk) burns 235 cal p/h.

Walking at 3 mph (brisk walk) burns 304 cal p/h.

There are plenty of devices now to track your steps each day. Try to give yourself a target of 10000 steps per day. For all you who work at a desk all day & fidget (tapping foot) you could burn on average 300 cals (8 hour day).

NEAT does decrease as you get older as people tend to become less active.

But if you can bike it to work instead of the car or walk instead of catching the bus, then this is additional calories burnt every working day.

Furthermore try to use the stairs rather than the lift… and remember to fidget more.